Dan Shepherd Public Relations caters to golf, travel, lifestyle, hospitality, and tourism businesses, including resorts, destinations, and attractions of all types.

Other specialties include non-profit organizations.


When DSPR is retained, clients can expect it to:

  • Participate in strategy sessions focused on brand messages and objectives;
  •  Identify significant news items and publicity opportunities – particularly those of timely relevance and compelling conciseness that showcase brand attributes
  • Create a PR plan containing details pertaining to clients for use in pitching media and or in other marketing-communications activities;
  • Draft and communicate to media finely honed news releases and story themes about current events and concepts that promote clients;
  • Secure media interviews for authorized client spokespeople as opportunities may arise;
  • Collect and forward copies of editorial coverage to clients;
  • Generate monthly program activity reports;
  • Review and consult with client personnel about photography and artwork to bolster brand messages on client communication channels and to supply media;
  • Provide, as agreed upon with client, a reasonable amount of strategic counsel pertaining to market position; and
  • Recruit media for coverage, site visits and or testing products in advance of reviewing them (media types include print, digital, broadcast, social, consumer and B2B).
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